About the practice:

Child and Adolescent Health Associates is a privately-owned pediatric practice currently staffed by four Board-certified Pediatricians and two Board-certified Physician Assistants. The Physicians are on the staff of Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown and have admitting privileges at that facility.

History of the practice:

The pediatric practice group now known as Child and Adolescent Health Associates began as a solo physician practice nearly sixty years ago.

Dr. Bernard Lustick, a Syracuse native, moved his family to Watertown in 1954 and began his life's work as a pediatrician in service to Northern New York's children.  He was joined in 1968 by Dr. Ronald Perciaccante and they developed a beloved reputation throughout the community.  With Dr. Lustick's eventual retirement from active medical practice came the need for another physician and the area was fortunate that Dr. Marvin Reimer chose to join Dr. Perciaccante in 1982.  A new partnership was born which continued in the previous tradition.

Drs. Perciaccante and Reimer were among the first practices in the area to recognize the benefits to both practice and patients of hiring a physician assistant.  Andrew Kilcer, PA came to work with them in 1992, contributing his many years of experience in Emergency Medicine.

A wife and husband team looking for a community in which to establish roots and raise their family joined the practice during 1996.  With the addition of Dr. Josiree Ochotorena and Dr. Fernando Ongkingco III, the practice simply known as Perciaccante and Reimer evolved into Child and Adolescent Health Associates.  Little more than a year later a second physician assistant was added to the team with the hiring of Alta Watkins, PA.

As with most things in life, a cycle begun years ago came full circle in 2006 when Dr. Shari (Swan) Hogan was welcomed to the group.  Dr. Hogan grew up in the local area and the original founding pediatricians, Drs. Lustick and Perciaccante, were her doctors.  Dr. Sandra (Crane) Timerman came to Watertown in 2005 and joined this practice in 2011.  Originally from Rochester, she anticipates a long career here. 

Dr. Reimer retired from practice in 2010 after 28 years and Dr. Perciaccante retired in 2012 after 44 years of dedicated service to the children of Northern New York.  We look forward to carrying on that tradition.